Support and Care

Maintenance of Hearing Aids

We can help with repairs, support and care of your hearing aids


Our technicians can assist with minor repairs to your hearing aid devices and accessories. Make an appointment online or call us to assist with your device.

Connect Wireless Accessories

We have a range of wireless accessories that can help to improve your hearing in challenging situations.

Connect to Your Phone

Stream calls, listen to music and control the settings of your hearing aid all from your phone.

Care and maintenance


  • Remove your hearing aids when applying cosmetics, perfume, aftershave, hair spray and suntan lotion as they may get into the hearing aid and cause damage.
  • Clean your hearing aids using a soft cloth, tissue or proper cleaning tools to remove earwax, grease or moisture. Do not use water or solvents as these can damage the hearing aids. 
  • Store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place when not in use and leave the battery pack open to preserve battery power.


  • Use a damp cloth to clean the receiver tube and receiver dome.
  • Do not use a direct source of water when you’re cleaning the receiver tubes or the receiver domes.
  • Contact your hearing care professional for replacement components when they become stiff, brittle or discolored.

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