Our Services

What can we as Audiovannah Hearing Care Clinic do for you?

Hearing Tests – Full Diagnostic

We offer a full test battery testing the entire auditory system. Tests cover hearing acuity, nerve function, speech intelligibility and function of the ear drum and ossicular chain.

Hearing Aids – Latest Technology

We offer the full range of ReSound hearing aids. ReSound are technology leaders in the field of wireless hearing aids and hearing aid accessories. Hearing aids offer the best in noise reduction, anti whistle and sound quality.

Wax Removal – Micro Suction

We offer gentle wax removal using the micro suction method. Microscope goggles are worn to visualize and illuminate the ear canal, and gentle suction is used to extract the wax. This method is more comfortable and less intrusive than the traditional syringing.

Paediatric Hearing Tests

Testing done without anesthesia in children from birth (screening). Testing is performed using play, games together with a combination of sound sources and reinforcement screens to test the whole auditory system.

New Born Hearing Screening

Screening of babies aged 0-6 months of age. Early identification of hearing loss is crucial for speech development. Screening is best done as soon as possible after birth. Screening is quick and non invasive

Tinnitus Rehabilitation

An additional test battery is offered for the mapping of tinnitus. Additional tests include evaluation of experienced handicap, tinnitus loudness and pitch matching as well as residual inhibition testing. Management is done using the Tinniuts Retraining Therapy method offering counseling, and tools for aided habituation.