Occupational Health

Aviation, construction, mining, and even dentistry are careers that pose a high risk for hearing loss. Additionally, any activity that involves the use of firing guns can lead to hearing impairment.

It is good practice and an international occupational health standard that all employees exposed to noise levels of 85dB(A) or above on a daily basis should have their hearing monitored.

A baseline hearing screening test should be performed, followed by regular checks annually for the first two years of employment and then at three yearly intervals. Testing is done to check the effectiveness of noise control measures undertaken by the company and ensure the hearing health of people working in environments where noise exposure is commonplace.

The test result, a pure-tone audiogram, is a highly repeatable exact reading of the hearing thresholds by frequency.

Full diagnostic testing and hearing health status reports are now available by appointment with Audiovannah at the Trauma Centre Hospital, Harare.