Types of Hearing Aids

We offer a very large selection of hearing aids. The following categories are available:

Behind The Ear (BTE)
BTE hearing aids are placed behind the ear. The sound is funneled from the hearing aid through a sound tube in combination with a custom molded ear mold placed in the ear canal. Generally speaking BTE devices offer the highest levels of amplification.

Open Fitting (BTE Open)
With an open fitting, the sound from the hearing aid is funneled to the ear canal through a thin and discreet tube. With an open fitting you avoid the feeling of being occluded or the sound of your own voice sounding unnatural. This results in a more pleasant listening experience. Open fittings are particularly suitable for users with good hearing in the bass/low frequencies.

Reciever in The Ear (RIE)
With receiver in the ear hearing aids the amplified sound is played by a speaker that is placed directly in the ear. This results in very good sound quality because the sound does not have to pass through any tubing, but rather is played directly in the ear canal entrance.

The location of the speaker outside the hearing aid allows the hearing aid to be much smaller and thus more discreet (Micro Receiver in the ear (MRIE)).

Custom Hearing Aids
A custom hearing aid is placed in the (meaning that nothing is placed behind the ear). The instrument is specifically manufactured to fit in your unique ear and is built based on a silicone impression of your ear canal. This provides a comfortable fit. The size of an in-ear device differs from Invisible In the Canal (IIC) to Full Shell In The Ear (ITE). The size of the device is linked to what features you want (such as a telecoil or wireless functionality) and the level of the hearing loss (greater hearing loss results in larger in-ear model options).

Training and Satisfaction Guarantee
You will be thoroughly trained in the use of your hearing aid, so that you are prepared for a life with hearing aids. It may take time to find the optimal setting, and sometimes there is a need for continuous adjustment. Follow-up visits are therefore recommended for fine tuning the hearing aid settings. We monitor you closely for the first month following your hearing aid fitting and if for any reason your new hearing instruments do not meet your expectations, we will work with you to find a suitable solution. Additionally we offer an 18 month manufacturer’s warranty on all our hearing aids.